Snoopy's close friend Patty supports animation of extended Petri nets within web browsers using XSL transformation to SVG and JavaScript for animation.

How to use:

  • Click on suitable Petri net image opens animation window.
  • zoom in/out using the vertical slider,
  • increase token number by left mouse click,
  • decrease token number by shift+left mouse click;
  • animate by click on enabled transition


  • select firing strategy
    • single - one enabled transition fires
    • intermediate - a subset of concurrently enabled transition fires
    • maximal step - a maximal set of concurrently enabled transition fires
  • animate by click on panel button

. . . and enjoy.

Web browsers are constantly evolving and often differ in subtle details. It is hardly possible to master this vast variety at the current state of technology.

Known bugs:

  • does not work with Internet Explorer (xsl technology not supported yet);
  • problems occasionally reported with Safari, Chrome;
  • Opera has problems with hierarchical nets, initial marking not given;
  • seems to work fine with Firefox;
  • firing of logical transitions is buggy;
  • comments do not always appear at the right position;
  • splines not supported yet;

latest update: January 18, 2012, at 02:46 PM